Episode 36 – WCW – The Shockmaster’s Introduction

In the world of wrestling, appearance is everything. You have to look intimidating. Look strong. Look fast. Look commercial if you’re certain wrestlers that keep getting pushed despite fan reaction. You need the whole package. But what happens when the package unravels itself at your door step and the UPS man gives up and just throws it at the door? Well, you probably got a Shockmaster on your hands. If you are unfamiliar with The Shockmaster and his shiny, sparkly helmet stolen from his 501st Legion roommate prior to DragonCon, then please watch this video. Then come back as we discover the true, shocking story of… THE SHOCKMASTER!

Hey, if it was a good enough line for Sting, it’s a good enough line for me.

John Hurst hosts this week, having forgotten how the English language worked prior to entering the building. Aaron Littleton co-hosts, with vision of construction worker ghosts in his head. If you like the show, don’t forget to rate us on iTunes or wherever you found us!

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