Episode 27 – X-Men Cartoon Opening

X-Men! Welcome! To Podcast! The 90s X-Men cartoon is the defining point of what X-Men is to the Video Death Loop crew and that opening is no small part to do with it. But how well does it handle being on loop? Can we sit idle as Cyclops screams, red lasers pointed to the sky? Can we get through the fonts of characters who haven’t earned a proper logo yet? How many times can Jean Grey die in a single podcast episode? Tune in to find out!

Aaron Littleton hosts this week, having successfully ordered all Video Death Loop episodes by parallel universe and brand line. John Hurst co-hosts this week, right before he was killed off-screen by pirates for mixing up a name of a Harry Potter character with the name of a Shakespearean character holy crap how did that happen.

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Episode 26 – Toei Japan’s Spiderman TV Opening


Yeah yeah yeah! Wow! Yeah yeah yeahhhh, WOW!

From the first few seconds of the Japanese Spider-Man opening from Toei, we know we’re dealing with a different type of spider beast. He looks like Spider-Man! He fights (sorta) like Spider-Man! He even rides of motorcycle like Spider-Man (If Peter Parker could afford a motorcycle.) But can he pay the rent on time like Spider-Man? While cleverly hiding his 100 foot tall robot from all suspecting personnel? While his landlord harbors a dark secret of his own?! Tune in to this weeks Video Death Loop and find out! Wow!

John Hurst hosts this week, hailing as the last survivor of the Planet Spider. Aaron Littleton co-hosts and rides his motorcycle throughout ALL the dangerous situations.

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Episode 25 – Henderson Equine Castration Instrument Infomercial [NSFW]


BIG WARNING: The video version of this week’s episode is incredibly NSFW. The audio version is less so, but we are talking about graphic things, so be advised. It isĀ definitely not safe for horses. Be warned!

When you begin a new year, you want to start it out right. It’s a clean slate! You think about all the things you want to do, how to do it, and all the positive changes you are going to make. You look forward to it. The endless possibilities before you! Make the day yours!

The thing you least expected, however, is to come face to face with an infomercial about “quick” and “easy” horse castration. Looping. Endlessly. Even at 7 minutes per loop (A new VDL record!), we may have come across our greatest opponent yet.

Welcome to 2017, everyone.

Aaron Littleton hosts this week and applies the proper ointment to expedite the procedure. John Hurst co-hosts and has cashed in all his Marlboro Points to escape.

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Episode 24 – Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Trailer (w/ Shane Rhyne and Tyler Sonnichsen) – LIVE!


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Have you ever wanted the same movie again, but this time in a bigger area? Then, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York has what you need! Chris Columbus and John Hughes conspire together to make more money by repeating all the beats of the first movie, but in a slighly remixed manner. Come reminisce about hijinks of pre-9/11 air travel and the incredible invulnerability of the Wet/Sticky/??? Bandits!

This is a very special LIVE episode, hosted simultaneously both by Aaron Littleton and John Hurst! Joining them as special victims are Shane Rhyne (@shanerhyne) and Tyler Sonnichsen (@tylersonic) Shane learned quite a bit about Home Alone 2 and Tyler knew disturbingly too much! Also: comments from random audience bystanders Jeff Blank and Todd Lewis! This episode was recorded at The Pilot Light in Knoxville, TN on December 19, 2016 in front of a looped live audience.

Special Keytar Intro played by Aaron Littleton (w/ real keytar!)

Episode 23 – VR Troopers Theme Song



Now that Virtual Reality can potentially be found in the average consumer’s home, has anyone told you about the dangers of it? Maybe you’ll wake up one day to find out your father (Who conveniently invented VR) has vanished and you’ll need to stumble upon his lab. Maybe you’ll be forced to fight alongside your friends from two different TV shows in order to make explosions happen on the screen and thus the television audience happy. Maybe you’ll even have a dog for a companion that gets into trouble! And a Sea Captain?!T hat’s what VR Troopers is all about apparently! It’s now your life. Enjoy the free bags of popcorn!

John Hurst hosts this week and yells at his computer as the elevator pitch for the original show tries to become too real on us. Aaron Littleton co-hosts and is making sketchy dealings in the parking lot.

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ALSO: Special Announcement!

If you are in the Knoxville, TN area, Video Death Loop will be doing its first LIVE episode next Monday, courtesy of our friends over at Friendlytown! Starting at 7:30 over at The Pilot Light, you will be getting a heaping dose (The only kind of dosage given out at public events) of comedy in Christmas Form, followed by a live recording of a Christmas-themed VDL with special victims! Check out the Facebook Event for more info and make sure to check out their recently launched podcast as well!