John Hurst

Season 2: Episode 4 – Buck 22 (w/ Billy Ray Cyrus) – Achy Breaky 2 Music Video

Achy Breaky 2 is the nadir of popular culture. I would say that western culture alone needs to own this, but when the aliens come with their singular DJ and their death rays, they will not discriminate based on the lines we draw on a map. They will simply process all of digitized culture in a matter of picoseconds, judge us wanting based solely on this video, eradicate us from the universe and move on. We won’t even have time to sit down our giant cans of Arizona tea.

Considering all of this very carefully, host John Hurst decided to watch the Achy Breaky 2 music video on loop. Co-host Aaron Littleton nearly had a melt down. Enjoy the pain.

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Season 2: Episode 3 – Deep Impact Trailer

Everyone, let us remember the simpler times. The times of the 90s. Where the only things we worried about were Dinosaur Movies and knockoffs and sequels, Volcano movies and knockoffs and sequels and Asteroid movies and knockoffs and sequels! We worried about movies a lot guys. They were big! And full of knockoffs! And sequels! But we got a lot more on our plate these days. Let’s only worry about one Asteroid movie: Deep Impact. Find out with us all about Morgan Freeman simultaneously working as our president and his narration career at the same time!

Aaron Littleton hosts this week, filling in for Elijah Wood’s stunt double. John Hurst’s co-hosts, mapping together the deep (impact) continuity of the Morgan Freeman cinematic universe.

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Intermission 3 – Intern Saga

We’re in our new podcast studio location! We’re testing stuff out! We’re sending our interns out to get various things they don’t quite understand, like the contents of a Petro! What’s in a Petro? Find out in this episode! Also, did we mention new podcast office slash studio? Oh snap!

Please stay tuned for new episodes of Video Death Loop very soon!

John Hurst kind of hosts this week while Aaron Littleton also kind of hosts, only orbiting around John.

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Intermission 1 – Saving the Economy, One Shed at a Time

Hey everyone! Video Death Loop is still in between seasons, but we wanted to give you an update on how everything is going! One could say it’s a loop of some sorts, if you consider the typical conversation between Aaron and John a loop. It takes us mere moments to lose focus on the bigger picture and talk about the topic everyone has been wanting to know about: PODCAST SHEDS. Also in this episode: We’re bad at locating where Stella Artois originated, Playstation 1-era features in video games and something about what we’ve been doing to prepare for Season 2. It’s all here and more in our shed! I mean podcast! Yes, the latter!

John Hurst hosts this weekend, which is probably one of the endings to Nier: Automata as far as he knows. Aaron Littleton co-hosts, conducting very important experiments with alcohol at the place we’re recording at!

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Episode 39 – “Me At The Zoo” / Italian Tooth Gem Commercial [Season Finale!]

The first video uploaded to YouTube was on April 23, 2005. You can watch it here. The latest video uploaded to YouTube was whenever you read this sentence, give or take a breath. In Aaron’s case, it was a commercial for an Italian company offering “Tooth Gem” installations on one’s teeth. I tried to find this video so you could understand exactly what we’re dealing with, but instead I found nothing but this:

(“Prayer to the Precious Blood”, coincidentally, is the name of my Slayer cover band that plays exclusively on Sundays.)

Already this “latest” video is lost to humanity… But we tried to save it via this new experimental watching, where watch both the first and latest (at the time) video on loop! The results may save humanity from a fate worse than you think.

EDIT: Aaron here. I found it. Gross.

Also, IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the season finale for the the first part of Video Death Loop! We’re taking a short break to work out some recent logistic changes as well as potentially implement some cybernetic enhancements. We’ll keep everyone posted on the new season and you may even seen little things on the feed in the meantime! Keep posted and we’ll do the same. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s episode with a special full version of the Video Death Loop theme afterwards!

Aaron Littleton hosts this week, giving the people of the present a taste of the future! John Hurst co-hosts, keeping meticulous notes on the Mr. Belvedere Extended Universe.

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