Season 2: Episode 4 – Buck 22 (w/ Billy Ray Cyrus) – Achy Breaky 2 Music Video

Achy Breaky 2 is the nadir of popular culture. I would say that western culture alone needs to own this, but when the aliens come with their singular DJ and their death rays, they will not discriminate based on the lines we draw on a map. They will simply process all of digitized culture in a matter of picoseconds, judge us wanting based solely on this video, eradicate us from the universe and move on. We won’t even have time to sit down our giant cans of Arizona tea.

Considering all of this very carefully, host John Hurst decided to watch the Achy Breaky 2 music video on loop. Co-host Aaron Littleton nearly had a melt down. Enjoy the pain.

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