Intermission 1 – Saving the Economy, One Shed at a Time

Hey everyone! Video Death Loop is still in between seasons, but we wanted to give you an update on how everything is going! One could say it’s a loop of some sorts, if you consider the typical conversation between Aaron and John a loop. It takes us mere moments to lose focus on the bigger picture and talk about the topic everyone has been wanting to know about: PODCAST SHEDS. Also in this episode: We’re bad at locating where Stella Artois originated, Playstation 1-era features in video games and something about what we’ve been doing to prepare for Season 2. It’s all here and more in our shed! I mean podcast! Yes, the latter!

John Hurst hosts this weekend, which is probably one of the endings to Nier: Automata as far as he knows. Aaron Littleton co-hosts, conducting very important experiments with alcohol at the place we’re recording at!

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