Episode 39 – “Me At The Zoo” / Italian Tooth Gem Commercial [Season Finale!]

The first video uploaded to YouTube was on April 23, 2005. You can watch it here. The latest video uploaded to YouTube was whenever you read this sentence, give or take a breath. In Aaron’s case, it was a commercial for an Italian company offering “Tooth Gem” installations on one’s teeth. I tried to find this video so you could understand exactly what we’re dealing with, but instead I found nothing but this:

(“Prayer to the Precious Blood”, coincidentally, is the name of my Slayer cover band that plays exclusively on Sundays.)

Already this “latest” video is lost to humanity… But we tried to save it via this new experimental watching, where watch both the first and latest (at the time) video on loop! The results may save humanity from a fate worse than you think.

EDIT: Aaron here. I found it. Gross.

Also, IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the season finale for the the first part of Video Death Loop! We’re taking a short break to work out some recent logistic changes as well as potentially implement some cybernetic enhancements. We’ll keep everyone posted on the new season and you may even seen little things on the feed in the meantime! Keep posted and we’ll do the same. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s episode with a special full version of the Video Death Loop theme afterwards!

Aaron Littleton hosts this week, giving the people of the present a taste of the future! John Hurst co-hosts, keeping meticulous notes on the Mr. Belvedere Extended Universe.

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