Episode 38 – Bronson Arroyo Ford Commercial

When you’re a player on any major team, you’re expected to do your fair share of local commercials. It’s a badge of honor, in fact! Being a part of the community– usually through an awkward combination of car commercials and Salsarita meetups– is just how you do things! But only one man has the power to curse in a local commercial and get away with it: Bronson Arroyo, formerly of the Cincinnati Red and currently of the Cincinnati Reds! Come with us to a magical land full of adventure, where commercial directors think that giving a bat to a pitcher is a great idea for their shot and Bronson is totally not reading off of a cue card somewhere in the abyss!

John Hurst hosts this week, taking a break from his multiplayer visual novel games. Aaron Littleton co-hosts, exhausted from having following around Ash Ketchum for many games now.

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