November 2016

Episode 20 – Baywatch Nights


If you have ever looked at David Hasslehoff and gone “You know what? There’s too much day going on all around him. Why can’t I get my Hasslehoff on at NIGHT instead?” then I have some good news for you: You can! With Baywatch Nights! To celebrate our 20th episode and almost a dozen of even-numbered ones, we go back to the original idea that started it all, turn it at least 12 hours into the future and see what happens. Watch as the Baywatch crew not only save lives (they don’t) but also expose CRIME (they also don’t.) Also, watch as we learn how our hero never seems to sleep! Ever!

Aaron Littleton hosts this week under the cover of night! John Hurst co-hosts and is behind a series of mysterious ghost sightings and is eating a sandwich.

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Episode 19 – Pokemon Theme Song


You probably don’t want your mom listening to this episode of Video Death Loop, especially if your mom is a fan of shows that ran on Fox!

In celebration of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out this week, we of the Video Death Loop consortium look back at the first Pokemon anime theme, forcing it into their brains on repeat. Aaron, meanwhile, discovers the ultimate test in the Space Race and the terrible consequences for one boy and his precious Game Boy.  How does this all connect together? I don’t know either! Just listen and find out!

John Hurst hosts this week through a series of obscure rituals and meaningful mythological symbols. Aaron Littleton is his co-host and insists he should probably just use the microphone.

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Episode 18 – Mike Gravel – Rock



After a tumultuous week for politics in America, let’s settle down to a simpler, much calmer time with former Alaskan senator Mike Gravel! A time where a man only had to have a rock to make a potential point that may or may not be symbolism for something else entirely. Sink in deeply into your seat as the wordless man makes him impact, leaving you wondering the important questions in life. Questions like “What color are his eyes?”, “How cold is it in that park? It looks a little chilly” and “Is Mike Gravel secretly a genie?” Tune in to this week’s episode for all that and more???

Aaron Littleton hoists his hosting rock deep into the pond as John Hurst walks on by, trying to make sense of everything in a perfect loop forever. FOREVER.

Video Death Loop Episode 18 – Mike Gravel – Rock

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Episode 17 – Godzilla Theme Song


Why would Godzilla give a device that summons him to a bunch of ungrateful jerks on a boat? Who is Godzooky and does he have anything to do with Godzilla’s distant cousin Vapezilla? Nothing about this makes sense!

John Hurst is 30 stories high and chooses the 1978 animated Godzilla theme song as our video this episode. Aaron Littleton co-hosts and is the unfortunate alphabetical mayor of Charleston.

Video Death Loop Episode 17 – Godzilla Theme Song

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